Elusive Dreams

Dave Edwards

A melodic, soulful blend of instrumental styles including jazz, blues, classical and pop, primarily featuring acoustic piano in the lead role on 12 original, well-crafted compositions.

This is my first commercial release. It represents the various influences that I have assimilated and expressed in my own way over the years. They vary from classical to folk and pop to jazz and blues. It puts me in the “hard to categorize” category. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed creating it.

Time Passed — This song is about reflecting on the changes in one’s life. There is the joy, the passion, and the sadness, viewed through the perspective that comes with the passing of time.

Elusive Dreams — The title came into my mind as I lay in bed drifting off to sleep. I wrote the song the next day. It captures the idea of the dreams we all pursue in life. Elusive, yes. And yet, the pursuit helps give life meaning.

Metamorphosis — This piece has a particular personal meaning for me, but more generally it is about passing from one chapter in life to another, with all the anticipation, excitement, and promise that entails.

One Last Look — This bluesey tune is about the experience of leaving behind someone or something that is hard to let go of. Even as you drive off in the night, you can’t help but turn back for one last look.

Waltz for Carolyn — This is a happy tune for a woman whose simple beauty and creativity make her the kind of person you’d love to spend a lifetime with.

Alisa — Women’s names turn up in titles often. They are such a source of inspiration, joy, pain and confusion. Relationships are complicated at best; some much more than others. This is about one in the latter category.

Snowfall — This classical-influenced piece is not about a gentle dusting of snow, but more of a blizzard. It harks back to the days when I lived in the Rocky Mountains.

Song for Amy — This jazz tune evolved over time. In this case, Amy was not an actual person. I’ll just leave it at that.

Universe — This simple piece came about fully formed. It makes me think of the beautiful views of stars and galaxies captured by the Hubble telescope.

Neskowin — We traveled to the Pacific Northwest in the early 2000s, and fell in love with the beauty of the place. This song is named for a small village on the Oregon coast.

Blues for Breakfast — This makes me think of many times being up all night and watching the sun come up as I ate “breakfast.” It’s a bit wistful and melancholy.

When I Look Into Your Eyes — This song is the culmination of the idea I began with. I wrote the verse quickly in response to a particular situation. For years I was unable to complete it. Finally, a resolution came to me. Time Passed... — Dave Edwards

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