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The latest album from David Edwards features 14 original solo piano pieces with emotions that range from exuberant joy to wistful melancholy to lasting love.






Hi everyone. I've been debating about sending out this info, but I felt I owe it to my fans to let them know what's going on with me, and why I haven't released a follow-up album since "Still the River Flows." Since you are one of the people who cares enough about my music to visit my website, you deserve  to know what's been happening. It’s kind of long, so please bear with me.

Short version: Multiple health problems have made it impossible for me to play for over two years now. I hope I'm nearing the end of this ordeal, or at least enough of one that I can continue my music career. I have an album's worth of material composed and ready to go, just need to be able to make finished versions to release. Maybe next year? I hope.

Here's some more details if you're interested.

After 2019 and the modest success of "Still the River Flows," I was anxious to follow it up with a new album of solo piano music. I had some ideas I really liked and made demo versions of them. But then in 2020, things started going wrong. Not COVID, thank goodness, but in some ways even worse. I began to develop cysts in some of the joint of my fingers. I went to a highly recommended hand surgeon to deal with the situation.

In the fall of 2020, I had surgery on my right index finger and little finger to repair the damage. After several months of careful recuperation, I started practicing again, very carefully. Things seem to be going pretty well, but one day, almost a year after the first surgery, I sat down to warm up and had terrible shooting pains when my right little finger hit a key. I went back to the hand surgeon, and he said the only thing left to do for that finger was to put in a metal pin that would hold the last joint in place. I really didn't like that idea, but I didn't know what else to do.

I procrastinated for several months, not wanting to go forward with the surgery, but not knowing what else to do. Then in the spring of 2022, I began to develop one of the cysts in the index finger of my left hand. But before I could really do anything about it, I woke up one morning with excruciating pain in that finger. I was rushed to the emergency room, and wound up in the hospital with a severe infection that had gotten into the bone. Two more surgeries and 6 weeks of intravenous antibiotics, and here's where things stand.

The tendon that controls the last joint of my left index finger was destroyed by the infection. I can no longer raise it up at that joint. Again, the only solution is putting in a metal pin that will lock the joint in one angle, but may allow me to play again. I will never have the dexterity to play the classical pieces I've loved all my life, from Chopin to Debussy, but I believe I will be able to do the simpler, quieter music that I now write. It's been a long nightmare, and it's not over yet, but I haven't given up hope. I have much more music to share, and I'm going to do everything I can to get it out there. I hope to have my next release ready sometime next year if everything goes well. Keep me in your thoughts.

Best wishes to you all, Dave

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I've just added the sheet music for "Christmas Morning" and two more pieces from "Still the River Flows." I'll add new sheet music as it becomes available. I only have the sheet music in PDF for available at this time. When I have an entire album's worth transcribed, I plan to make printed music books available. Be sure to let me know if there's a particular piece you'd like to have sheet music for. I'll make it a priority.

Check out my latest video, "Wistfully"! Visit my Video page for this and all my music videos.

I'm excited to share a couple of promotional shows featuring me talking with Chrissie and Steve Sheppard of One World Music Radio. The first is about the background and meaning of the songs on "Still the River Flows."

The second show is about my own background and how my music evolved over the years.

What the critics are saying about "Still the River Flows"!

Visit my Press page to read the full reviews.

"David M. Edwards and his creation Still the River Flows, is a manifestation of a timeless collection of beautiful solo piano compositions, ones that will linger for a long while within the musical memory. This is an album of the heart, performed by a musician who is clearly playing from it. Still the River Flows maybe the debut solo piano album from the artist, but it is eternal and played with the honesty and a sublime brilliance you would imagine from a seasoned master."

-Steve Sheppard, One World Music Radio

"Beautiful and evocative, Still the River Flows is a welcome contribution to personal and public library New Age solo piano collections, highly recommended."

-Midwest Book Review

“Still the River Flows” by David M. Edwards is a near perfect solo piano release. Each song is like a short story, capturing the essence of a beautiful view, conversation, or memory. Inspired is the word that comes to mind. Much like a gently flowing river, the album’s powers are right there under the surface."

-BT Fasmer, New Age Music Guide

"Edwards found that writing solo piano music “straight from the heart” best expressed what he wanted to say through his music. The results are lovely! ... The album was mastered by Joe Bongiorno at his Piano Haven Studio, ensuring a beautiful piano sound. ... Still the River Flows is a great start to a new phase in David M. Edwards’ music career!"

-Kathy Parsons, Mainly Piano

"Like a day so perfect I can hardly wait for the new dawn to arrive, this album makes me look forward to the composer’s future releases. With “Still the River Flows, David Edwards has truly hit his stride. Highly recommended!"

-Pam Asbury, Enlightened Piano Radio

"Overall elegantly simple and straight from the heart (a concept that is perhaps best-captured on the piece 'Just a Simple Song') Still the River Flows is an especially appropriate album to put on in the morning to gently elevate the soul and illuminate the start of a new day!"

-Candace Michelle, Aural Awakenings

"There is what I would term a most stridently pleasant style of playing on this new straight from the heart solo piano album by David M. Edwards ... he plays with an exuberance of spirit not often found on albums that are in the New Age category ... it’s very much like he’s talking right to you through his keyboard ... I give David a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating."

-Dick Metcalf, Contemporary Fusion Reviews

"With the release of Still the River Flows, David M. Edwards’ majestic and expansive, multi-faceted debut album as a solo pianist, the veteran musician and composer opens a fresh door in his long, eclectic career – finding a beautiful and organic new musical flow..."Still the River Flows," intimate and heartfelt, sometimes jubiliant, oft times introspective and even haunting compositions lay a meaningful and magical foundation for the launch of a whole new career."

-Jonathan Widran, The JW Vibe

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