David M Edwards

Still the River Flows

by David M. Edwards

Released 2019
Released 2019
Solo piano original compositions influenced by classical, folk, rock and jazz. Equally satisfying as ambient background or as a close, attentive listen. Moods from pensive and introspective to joyful and energetic.
This album is my first full solo piano CD. After some time of introspection searching for just the right musical approach, I believe this music is truly me. It begins with "Morning Song" and moves through what can be thought of as a life compressed into one day, building in energy as we approach mid-day, and slowly winding down to a peaceful evening, filled with friends and recollection. I hope you enjoy it.

What critics say about David Edwards's music:

"It's a pleasant listen, at once moody and majestic" - Mario Tarradell, Dallas Morning News

"Edwards has conjured up a fine collection of his own compositions and in so doing emerged as a writer and performer who deserves to be heard" - Smooth Jazz Therapy

"His songs are relaxing and catchy. They feature romance and rebirth. Happy and amiable" - Target Audience

"Edwards has further developed his already keen ear for melody and his adept wielding of various keyboards across an assortment of musical styles. Graced with a gorgeous cover (Edwards did the artwork and layout himself) that fits well with the overall gentle, warm, and inviting mood ... the album flows with a strong sense of romance and subtle nostalgia" - Bill Binkelman, Zone Music Reporter