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The latest album from David Edwards features 14 original solo piano pieces with emotions that range from exuberant joy to wistful melancholy to lasting love.



What the critics are saying about "Still the River Flows"!

"When listening to music, it is easy to sense if the artist has a story to tell. Inspired music always has a message and a positive energy that makes you pay attention. It is music with a purpose. One such album is “Still the River Flows” by David M. Edwards. It is a collection of 14 marvelous pieces, describing nature, people, and time gone by. They will leave you feeling happy, relaxed – and most importantly – many good stories have been told. It is a heartfelt, wise and highly memorable album.

“Still the River Flows” by David M. Edwards is a near perfect solo piano release. Each song is like a short story, capturing the essence of a beautiful view, conversation, or memory. Inspired is the word that comes to mind. Much like a gently flowing river, the album’s powers are right there under the surface."
-BT Fasmer, New Age Music Guide

"There is what I would term a most stridently pleasant style of playing on this new straight from the heart solo piano album by David M. Edwards…he plays with an exuberance of spirit not often found on albums that are in the New Age category…it’s very much like he’s talking right to you through his keyboard...You get just over an hour’s worth of exhilarating music on this fourteen-song opus (1:05, to be exact), and I’ve no doubt you find your own treasure here…I give David a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) score of 4.99 for this very enjoyable (and diverse) album."

-Dick Metcalf, Contemporary Fusion Reviews

"With the release of Still the River Flows, David M. Edwards’ majestic and expansive, multi-faceted debut album as a solo pianist, the veteran musician and composer opens a fresh door in his long, eclectic career – finding a beautiful and organic new musical flow...He takes us on an almost mystical melodic journey exploring many moods and aspects of a single day, starting with the lively, joyful “Morning Song” (as intended, a thoughtful piece of musical sunshine to begin the day) and the radiant, quick fingered energy of “Summer Dance”...He closes with pieces that also embrace this kind of mood swinging coolness, following the bittersweet, image rich “Walking by The Shore” with “Won’t You Stay,” a thoughtful, reflective ballad lifted throughout by sparkling, optimistic high notes. Here’s hoping the pianist will answer the question of that title affirmatively and gift us with many more albums like Still the River Flows in the future."

-Jonathan Widran, The JW Vibe

Here's a tip if you're searching for this online: Since I have a really common name, it's best to search using a song title or even better the album title, "Still the River Flows." That way you won't get the list of everything done by someone named David Edwards. I'm working to fix this on the sites that are geared for it, like iTunes and Spotify. Best bet is still to search by title.